Peking Duck Hand Rolls

Delicious cocktail party fare. All the ingredients are readily availabe at Chinese grocery stores – the crepes are sold either fresh or frozen.

Serves 6

½ Peking Duck

100ml yellow bean or plum sauce

100g Chinese pickled vegetables, drained and julienned (or to taste)

100ml yellow bean or plum sauce

12 x 11cm diameter Chinese crepes (or 6 large crepes, halved)

Shred the duck, removing any fat. Spread each crepe with some of the sauce, top with the duck and pickled vegetables – don’t over do these as they can be quite strong. Roll up into a roll. If using the larger crepes, roll into a cone shape. Place in a pre-heated oven (150degC) for three minutes before serving. Best served warm.

Tip: these crepes are also good with fresh julienned cucumber (skin-on, seeds removed) and thin strips of green onion (scallions) which add crunch and can be inserted just before serving.

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