Cucumber Canapés

These two quick simple ways with cucumbers are from my new book, The Cook’s Garden (NH $49.95) which is full of fabulous ideas for growing and cooking fruit and vegetables from your kitchen garden.  With the Melbourne Cup  just around the corner,  pass a platter of these around with the chicken sandwiches and champagne.

1. Spring Canapes:  Cut slices of cucumber 2 mm (¹/8 in) thick. Sprinkle  with flaky sea salt and leave to drain in a colander for 10–15 minutes. Wash off the salt and dry well. Onto each cucumber slice, put a dab of fresh ricotta or cottage cheese. Garnish with black sesame seeds and a small borage flower.
2.  Cucumber Fingers: One hot, dusty summer in India my mother discovered this way of serving cucumbers. They became a big hit in our household. Choose 3 small to medium cucumbers. Wash them well. Halve and quarter them lengthways so they resemble fingers. You might need to slice some into eighths. Sprinkle the cucumbers with paprika and serve garnished with fresh coriander. Serves 6.

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