A Sweet Little eBook

A Sweet Little Book” combines the joy of cooking with the joy of giving. A Sweet Little Book [book cover]

There is no greater joy than to receive something made from the heart. In our frenetic, fragmented lives, a gift of food made at home with love and care is very special, no matter how simple or inexpensive the ingredients.

The art of making candies, cakes and sweets for that special someone has become one of life’s forgotten pleasures. Throughout the year there are many reasons for celebration – the birth of a child, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,  Easter and Christmas.  Each occasion can be met with a particular gift – each person remembered on his or her day with something home-made by you and the children. Home-made sweets are a nice way to say Thank You – and such gifts will always have your individual touch.

A Sweet Little Book” is 92 pages long, and full of tempting recipes and stunning full colour photographs by Andrew Payne.

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  1. Tiffany Siok

    How do I get your “A Sweet Little Book”?

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