Apple Bobbing: Games to play at Halloween

Make a Jack O’Lantern: Buy a Jack O’Lantern pumpkin from your local supermarket or greengrocer.  Ask mum or dad to cut the top off for you and set it aside.

Scoop out the inside with a spoon and use a small sharp knife to make the face – easiest cuts are triangles for the eyes, nose and mouth (I notice that Woolworths now supplies Carving Stencil sheets – you need to secure the stencil firmly with tape and then trace the outline by poking holes into the skin with a skewer then remove the stencil and carve along pattern using a paring knife).
Place a candle inside – make sure it sits flat – or use tea lights.  When it is dark, set the pumpkin on your dining room table or outside your front door in a safe place.  Put the lid back on and watch the face flicker and glow.

Apple Bobbing: Fill a large bowl or tub with water and float apples in it.  Ask each player to try and catch one of the bobbing apples with their teeth, and without using their hands (very tricky!).  When they have caught their apple, ask them to remove the peel in on long strip and throw it over their left shoulder.  The one who catches the largest apple and removes the peel wins the prize.

Apple Bobbing

Apple Bobbing

Make A Papier Mache Mask: first you will need to tear some strips of newspaper (about 2cm x 10cm). Soak them in a bowl or bucket of flour and water paste.  Build up 4 – 5 layers of strips over an inflated balloon.  Allow to dry for a day or two in the sun.  When dry, cut off the base to make a hole for the head and then cut holes for the eyes and mouth.  Colour the mask black or orange and spray with laquer.  Add fangs, teeth, moustache, hair and a pointed hat.

To make the paste: Mix  1/2 cup of flour and a large spoonful of salt in a mixing bowl.  Add 1 cup of warm water and mix it up with your hands – it should be like thick creamy soup. Add more flour to thicken it or more water to thin it. If you need more paste just double or triple the ingredients.  Or you can use wallpaper paste (and follow the manufacturer’s instructions); or regular white glue mixed with water (2 parts glue:1 part water).

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