Grandma’s Malabi

Grandma’s Malabi

By 22 October, 2013

The recipe for this sweet, milky, rose-flavoured Middle Eastern dessert is courtesy of Grandma's Little Bakery,  a bakery-restaurant located in Alexandria, Sydney, and Collector, NSW.  Its light, creamy texture, perfumed with rosewater is very soothing and kept me dipping my spoon back in for more.  It's just one of many homely recipes gathered by owners Dana Kvatisnky and Avi Cohen from Grandmas and Grandpas around the world, and served at the restaurant which is now open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  "I frequently have customers tell me that a flavour, or a smell or a feeling from Grandma's reminds them of home and this is exactly the experience we aim to create.  We want people to feel like they've been welcomed home when they walk in the door," says Dana.



Serves 6

Place 375ml milk in a medium saucepan over medium heat and bring to boiling point (watch carefully to make sure it doesn't boil over).
Meanwhile, mix the cornflour into the remaining 125ml cold milk, whisking until combined.
Add the sugar to the hot milk ( 375ml) and stir until dissolved. Add the cream and stir well.  Let it warm a little then add the rosewater.  Wait until it just comes to the  boil (i.e. when you  see bubbles on the side of the pan).
Add the cornflour mix. Using a whisk, keep stirring until it becomes smooth and thickens.
Turn the heat off and pour into a jug, then pour evenly into six small glasses while still hot.
Leave to cool, then refrigerate.
Before serving, drizzle a teaspoon of rose syrup over each glass and scatter each with a teaspoon of coconut and chopped pistachio nuts.
Serve with Grandma's Biscotti.


Recipe made with love By Grandma's Little bakery.

Note: you'll find the rose syrup on sale at Grandma's Little Bakery, plus a wide assortment of biscotti, pastries, cakes, scones and bread.  Homemade jams, compotes and dips are also available as well as home-cooked frozen meals.


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