Lou’s Brown Rice Citrus Salad

Lou’s Brown Rice Citrus Salad

By 28 March, 2017

This delicious rice salad is courtesy of Louise Miller, whose tasty, nutritious food I first tasted at Cabarita Ocean Health Resort. Lou is now based in the Currumbin Valley, south-east Queensland, and works as a private chef for a range of national and international clients.
It's a a good example of her style and is an easy one to prepare at home. 
She's added  roasted pumpkin, baby spinach leaves and cashew cheese to the mix.
"In true Louise fashion, I always change it up," she says. "Recipes are a guide, to be inspired by what's in season and available around you.
"Nurturing people through food has always been a way of life for me. As a qualified chef, I have had the privilege of working in the health and wellness industry over many years, using my gifts to nurture others. I enjoy fusing healthy food concepts together and believe they all have their place.
"Balance and harmony is the key! I value supporting local producers and organic/spray-free farmers whenever possible.
My passion is bigger than wholesome, beautiful food--it's connection, love and care for the individual's whole well-being and life journey."



  • Yield : 4



Cook brown rice using the absorption method for about 45 minute until the grain opens. Don't rinse the rice as the stickiness is what makes this dish.
Combine the first seven ingredients while the rice is still warm.
Add remaining ingredients once the rice is cool. Let sit for at least one hour to let the flavors develop.
Serve in a beautiful ceramic bowl or platter of your choice.
Sprinkle with activated pecans or walnuts (or pepitas).

Lou's Tip: I like to cook my rice the absorption method for about 45 minutes until the grain begins to open. I don't rinse my rice after it's cooked, as that slight stickiness is what makes this dish.  the honey and turmeric can be omitted if you prefer. This salad is also delicious the next day.

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2 Responses to Lou’s Brown Rice Citrus Salad

  1. Justin Rogers


    That salad is absolutely delicious!

  2. Sheridan

    Good to hear! Lou’s a talented chef.

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