Endangered Cuisines: Yogyakarta’s Gudeg

Food is a wonderful vehicle for discovering a country and learning about history, culture, and the always-evolving relationship between the edible elements of the landscape and the development of local identities. As the Sumatran-born food and cookery writer Sri Owen points out in her informative book Indonesian Regional Food & Cookery, ‘To write about food is … Continue reading

Yogya Delights

It’s mid-morning by the time we leave the Sultan’s Palace in Yogjakarta and head out of town. Driving through the busy streets of this bustling university city of three and a half million people in Central Java, Indonesia, is no easy feat and I’m relieved it’s not me who’s driving. Even though we’d arrived early … Continue reading

New Bali, Beyond Bali

We were lucky to fly out of Bali on Monday.  If it had been Tuesday, we’d have been stranded along with hundreds of others (including many Aussie kids on school holidays) at Ngurah Rai International Airport south of the capital, Denpasar. Mt Rinjani, situated on the nearby island of Lombok, had blown its top and … Continue reading