Guringai Festival: Cordon True Blue?

NAIDOC Week is held in the first full week of July each year. I first published this story on July 9, 2014: The Aboriginal flag was flying high last Sunday on Bare Island, La Perouse, at the beginning of NAIDOC (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) week. A brisk westerly wind ensured it remained … Continue reading

24/7 Kitchen Still Going Strong

The last thing I expected when I returned to the Martin Place homeless camp today was a free feed.  Despite the dismantling of the actual camp, the 24/7 Kitchen is still going strong and serving hot food, cups of tea, coffee and hearty soup to the homeless. Only now they’re doing it right outside the … Continue reading

Darkness in the City

Dark Mofo, a festival which celebrates the winter solstice in Australia’s most southern capital Hobart, wouldn’t be Dark Mofo without some controversy. Yesterday’s “bloody sacrificial ritual” by avant-garde Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch which involved a dead bull, its blood and 500 litres of blood was no exception. From the moment it was announced earlier in … Continue reading

Hungry in the City

Bill Lemon is standing next to a bunsen burner at the top of Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD stirring a large pot of vegetable soup. It’s a healthy, colourful mix of carrots, celery, silver beet, broccoli, onions and sweet potatoes. “No salt,” says Bill.  “I haven’t added any salt.” Now retired, Bill is a former … Continue reading

John Olsen’s Edible Art

Next Wednesday at the Art Gallery of NSW, John Olsen, the acclaimed Australian artist,  will be talking about his lifelong passion for painting and cooking.  He’ll be joined by three other highly regarded chefs, Lucio Galletto (Lucio’s Restaurant), Damien Pignolet (Regatta, Bistro Moncur) and Matt Moran (Aria, Chiswick). A few years ago, I visited John … Continue reading

The Oldest Foods On Earth

Imagine this: There’s a knock on your front door. You open it. There’s a stranger there, pleasant enough, say’s he’s looking around the neighbourhood for somewhere to live. You invite him in, give him a cup of tea. He goes on his way. Some time later, he appears at the door again. This time with several friends, some of … Continue reading