Pantry Essentials

My store cupboard is always stocked with a few tins of chickpeas and a variety of beans. Knowing they’re there, I can rest assured that a simple meal is always at hand. With the chickpeas, for instance, I can make a tasty salad (with tomatoes, spring onions, fresh parsley and a vinaigrette dressing). Occasionally I’ll … Continue reading

One-a-penny, two-a-penny…

Have you ever smelt hot cross buns baking in a home oven?  If you have, you won’t have forgotten for the aroma is irresistible. And if you’ve actually eaten a spicy, buttery but-oh-so-light bun, fresh from the oven, you’d find it hard – if not downright impossible – to go back to those tasteless doughy … Continue reading

Fabulous Figs

Fig tree, for such a long time I have found meaningin the way you almost completely omit your blossomsand urge your pure mystery, unproclaimed, into the early ripening fruit. Rainer Maria Rilke, from The Sixth Elegy “Ancient, mysterious and delicious, the fig should be more widely grown than it is,” writes David Stuart in The … Continue reading

April 2020 School Holiday Kids Cooking Classes

Hurry, hurry: don’t forget to book the kids in to my Mini Chef  kids cooking classes during the April school holidays (April 13th -24th). We’ll be making a wide range of delicious, nutritious dishes including homemade chicken noodle soup, hummus,  guacamole, homemade pizzas,  sushi, chicken yakitori,  spaghetti bolognese, tiramisu, double chocolate brownies, marshmallow pavlova and … Continue reading