Edible Christmas Gift Classes

Don’t forget to book the kids in for my Edible Christmas Gift Classes on Fridays after-school and Sunday mornings here. They are held at my private residence in Cammeray, after school on Friday afternoons and on Sunday mornings. The classes are aimed at children from the ages of 8-12 (with a year either side). Class … Continue reading

A Surreal Banquet

“For there is an aspect of cruelty in eating, nourishing one life at the expense of another. It is an aspect usually avoided – the crudeness of a slab of blood-red meat is disguised by cooking it, camouflaging it with sauces and garnishes.” – Barbara Santich, Looking for Flavour (Wakefield Press 1996) It was the … Continue reading

Meditation on Pomegranates

If you buy a pomegranate, buy one whose ripeness has caused it to be cleft open with a seed-revealing smile. Its laughter is a blessing, for through its wide-open mouth it shows its heart, like a pearl in the jewel box of spirit. The red anemone laughs, too, but through its mouth you glimpse a … Continue reading