Meditation on Passionfruit

used to be plump and glossy but his mackintosh has shrunk as he sucks in his cheeks while somewhere inside the room he is giving you the pip with a wonderfully sour sweetness like last year caught in a daydream, the tang of paradise. by Chris Wallace-Crabbe   Walking along the sand past The Boathouse … Continue reading

Friday After-School Kids Cooking Classes

Drop off the kids after school, and they’ll cook and eat their own dinner. From the garden they’ll learn to identify and pick fresh herbs, flowers and greens. We’ll make a three-course meal plus a small treat.   Book for just one or all three; menus will be different. Recipes will include nutritious, colourful dishes … Continue reading

Some Enchanted Evening…

No doubt you’ve heard of Francesca Grillo? Together with her sister Elisabetta, her name was in the headlines last year when charged with fraudulently using company credit cards while working as personal assistant to celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and her ex-husband Charles Saatchi. On a recent trip during the festive season to Vanuatu, I stumbled … Continue reading