Blood Sugar

It’s hard to believe that the slim, youthful-looking celebrity chef Michael Moore, has diabetes. As he writes in the introduction to his new book, Blood Sugar. .“My doctor said I was the most unusual person to become a diabetic. I was very fit, active and healthy; I never smoked nor was I a big drinker. … Continue reading

La Famiglia Signorelli

If you ever find yourself walking around the wharves at Pyrmont, Sydney, you’re likely to come across a very arresting sculpture. Titled “Life From A Suitcase” and cast in bronze, it depicts Biaggio and Fina Signorelli and their seven grandchildren.  The sculpture is a gift from the Signorelli family to celebrate migration and is imbued … Continue reading

Quinoa – The Brain Grain

Some call it the super grain, others call it the brain grain because it’s considered to be almost a complete food – high in protein, full of vitamins, gluten- and wheat-free, cholesterol-free, usually organic and of benefit to everyone.  It’s also ideal for sustainable farming. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah or keen-o-wah) is an ancient plant native … Continue reading

Indian Spice Trails with Carol Selva Rajah

Did you know there’s no such thing as a curry in India? The word is of English origin, based on the ancient Tamil word kari meaning sauce or gravy. The sauce is pungent and seasoned with a mixture of spices, particularly black pepper. Indian dishes are named either for the combination of spices used (such … Continue reading

It’s a long way from Bellata…

It takes 13 years, 36 hours and eight pairs of hands to make a loaf of Sonoma sourdough bread. Plus a good dose of passion and hard work. When Kerry Connole set out to fulfill his dream of baking great quality Italian bread at his grandparents’ general store and bakery in Bellata, north-western NSW, he … Continue reading

Gone Troppo with Le Ping Wong at Buck’s Farm

Have you ever seen a Buddha’s hand? (and I don’t mean one of those long elegant bronze hands on sale in Thai and Cambodian gift shops). Have you ever used one in cooking?  Perhaps you think I’m being sacreligious, but what I’m referring to is one of the oldest member of the citrus family. Respected … Continue reading