“Mini Chef” Kids Cooking Classes

Hurry, hurry – book in now to my Mini Chef Kids Cooking Classes during the school holidays: My aim is to teach children to prepare a wholesome, nutritious meal which they love to eat and can reproduce easily at home. This is not celebrity chef restaurant-style food. Hygiene, nutrition – and loads of laughs – … Continue reading

Mushrooms Go Pink

I learnt an astonishing fact last week: women who eat one white button mushroom a day have fifty per cent less chance of developing breast cancer. At a lunch organised by the  Australian Mushroom Growers Association in Sydney, dietitian Glenn Cardwell told us that breakthrough US research has found that eating 100 grams or less … Continue reading

The Tree of Life, Samoan-style

It’s easy to see why Samoans call the coconut tree “the tree of life”. Not only do these graceful trees dot the coastlines of the white-fringed islands of Samoa, swaying gently in the warm breezes and lending shade, they’re also an invaluable supply of food, fuel and housing for the Samoan people. On my recent … Continue reading

Mudgee Comes To Town

Kim Currie is delighted. A few weeks ago, she discovered quince trees growing on the vineyard orchard at the Lowe estate at Mudgee. “I love quinces and had no idea they were there,” she told me on Sunday at the Mudgee Wine & Food Festival at Balmoral, Sydney. “I decided to slow-bake them and bring … Continue reading

W.A.’s Black Diamonds

Alain Fabregues is excited. The highly-awarded owner-chef of The Loose Box restaurant just outside Perth W.A, is presenting a Master Class at the 5th Mundaring Truffle Festival alongside two other top Aussie/French chefs, Philippe Mouchel and Emmaneul Mollois. “We have more truffles than customers this year. They might look like animal droppings but they taste … Continue reading

Blood Sugar

It’s hard to believe that the slim, youthful-looking celebrity chef Michael Moore, has diabetes. As he writes in the introduction to his new book, Blood Sugar. .“My doctor said I was the most unusual person to become a diabetic. I was very fit, active and healthy; I never smoked nor was I a big drinker. … Continue reading