Sake Restaurant & Bar

A stroll down Argyle Street in The Rocks district is a wonderful introduction to Sydney. Linking the harbour at Sydney Cove with Millers Point, you’ll wander past elegantly restored historic sandstone buildings fitted out with hip  restaurants, boutiques and pubs.  Just near the Argyle Cut, an amazing feat of engineering which used convict gang labour … Continue reading

BBQ Quail

“Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – Henry James Snip wing tips from quails, then cut down their backbones with a pair of kitchen scissors.  Press down hard on the breast bones to flatten. Place the quails in a large earthenware … Continue reading

Flourishing on the Mount

Situated high on a hill overlooking the prosperous Towac Valley, just ten minutes from the Orange CBD in central NSW is Borrodell on the Mount a 32-hectare property. Here Borry  Gartrell and his wife Gaye Stuart-Nairn grow vines (pinot noir, chardonnay, gewurtztraminer, sauvignon blanc), heritage apples, cherries, plums and truffles. As if that’s not enough to … Continue reading

An Aussie Christmas Picnic

The clatter of plates, the popping corks, the jingling of glasses, and the rattle of knives and forks mingle with peals of merry laughter, with the buzz of conversation, and the splash of the waves upon the beach.” Sounds like a jolly way to spend Christmas day to me – far more jolly indeed than … Continue reading

Christmas Down Under

Curious, isn’t it, the way we continue to celebrate Christmas in Australia. Come December – and the official start of summer – shop interiors and department stores are filled with white-bearded Santas and reindeer; cards and Advent calendars depict scenes of snow. Holly, ivy and mistletoe still deck the halls and snowmen are sold as … Continue reading

Cheeky Mangoes

Tell me, can there be a more seductive fruit than the mango? Juicy, succulent and fragrant – I can’t resist sinking my teeth into the soft ripe flesh and letting the juices run down over my chin while inhaling those wonderfully evocative aromas.  Easier, of course, if you cut off their cheeks first. I’m referring … Continue reading

Doin’ the Tumbarumba

I loved the look of this roadside stall just outside Batlow, a pretty town on the western slopes of the Snowy Mountains of NSW, and couldn't resist taking a photo. Some of the bags of crisp locally grown apples sell for just $2/kg.