There's a pithy cartoon by Cathy Guisewite which captures the current whirlpool of confusion around dieting. Reading through a menu with her friend at a restaurant, they proffer their advice.

New Zealand: Flourishing Food and Wines

Looking down as the plane approaches Blenheim on the tip of New Zealand’s north island, you see a flat stony floodplain with ridges of soil running in one direction juxtaposed with rows upon rows of upright vines, often just a few metres apart, running at right angles. It’s an arresting sight, and one you’re not … Continue reading

Vietnamese Street Food

The marketplace is the focal point of life in Vietnam. Whether it be in a major city, a small hilltown or by the sea, it's the busiest part of town and the best place to start any exploration of Vietnamese food.

Christmas Cocktails

Welcome to the silly season! The time for entertaining friends and returning favours. So how will you entertain guests this summer? Barbecues are great because the men do the cooking. And they’re such a casual affair which can start at 12 noon around the pool and go through a long hot afternoon. They’re easy to … Continue reading

My sister’s homestay dinner

Recently I was invited to dinner at my sister’s “homestay” in one of Sydney’s northern suburbs. It proved to be a sense-and-thought-provoking evening. A wonderful smell hit me the moment I stepped out of the car – a warm inviting aroma wafting through the dark night air. Stumbling over the slippery wet roots of a … Continue reading

Ferran Adria cooking demo

I ‘ve just returned from the most extraordinary cooking demonstration – probably the most mind-boggling of my life! Given by two Spanish three-Michelin-star chefs at the Adelaide Hilton during Tasting Australia (a bi-annual international foodie event), it opened my mind not just to the ways in which dishes evolve but also to a number of … Continue reading

Ginger Refrigerator Cookies

These have a lovely gingery flavour and the beauty of this recipe is that the dough can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks and slices taken when you need fresh biscuits.

Anzac Biscuits

Are Anzac biscuits unique to Australia? How will we ever know? But along with pavlova and lamingtons, we lay claim to them, even they are based on borrowed ideas.

French Onion Soup

A delicious moist cake. Nuts are an essential pantry item. Once opened, store them in the fridge as they will last longer and remain fresher.

Apple Charlotte

A good old-fashioned pudding, excellent served with a frothy crème anglaise’ flavoured with a little Calvados.