One-a-penny, two-a-penny…

Have you ever smelt hot cross buns baking in a home oven?  If you have, you won’t have forgotten for the aroma is irresistible. And if you’ve actually eaten a spicy, buttery but-oh-so-light bun, fresh from the oven, you’d find it hard – if not downright impossible – to go back to those tasteless doughy … Continue reading

The Ancient Cuisine of Gaziantep

I’d never seen such vivid green pistachios – brighter than the freshest green buds of Spring – that at first I thought I was hallucinating. They’d been crushed and were being strewn over tissue thin sheets of pastry lightly brushed with oil followed by a sprinkling of sugar and dots of clotted cream. The pastry … Continue reading

Pancake Tuesday

Are you having pancakes for breakfast tomorrow morning? Buttermilk pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with a knob of butter are my favourite, but I also enjoy many other types of pancakes including French crepes, English pikelets and Bill Granger’s ricotta pancakes, topped with honeycomb, for Sunday brunch. Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday), the … Continue reading

A Drizzly Topsy Turvy New Year in London

The days are short and dark in London at this time of the year. Not cold, but wet. Very wet. And bleak, except for the occasional ray of sunshine. Apparently it’s the warmest, wettest winter since records started in 1910 (an average 4 degrees higher than usual) with many calling it “the new normal.” In … Continue reading

Christmas with Baz and Trish

During the weeks leading up to Christmas in London, I was overwhelmed by the number of English celebrity chefs and cooks giving advice in the newspapers about how to prepare this year’s festive meal. The Times featured Mary Berry’s easy turkey with five ingredients, Bill Granger’s boned, rolled turkey breast and a whole turkey smothered in black truffle butter … Continue reading
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