Race Favourites: Peter Rowland’s pinwheel sandwiches


Race Favourites: Peter Rowland’s pinwheel sandwiches

By 5 November, 2017

These elegant sandwiches are served by Melbourne caterer, Peter Rowland, in one of the swanky marquees at Flemington on Cup Day.
To make pinwheel bread, ask your local baker to slice a loaf of fresh bread lengthways. This is just one suggested filling - use your imagination to create others (see below).



Makes 50 – 60 pinwheels

Lay bread flat on a chopping board, trim crusts and, using a rolling pin, roll out until it is about 1cm thick.
Spread with the cream cheese, roast red capsicum and top with capers.  Roll bread up so you have a 7cm log.
Wrap in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for 15 minutes.  Remove and slice carefully, using a serrated knife, into 1cm discs.

Alternative fillings:
1. Use soft goat's curd or ricotta instead of soft cream cheese.
2. Use smoked salmon instead of roasted capsicum and season the cream cheese with a little lemon juice and snipped chives.
2. Lay strips of prosciutto over the cream cheese before adding the roasted capsicum and omit the capers.



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