Satay Malaysia

Satay Malaysia

By 7 February, 2012

This recipe is courtesy of Sydney-based Malaysian food writer Carol SelvaRajah. It's an easy one for the kids to do.



For 20 sticks (2 - 4 serves)

Soak 20 bamboo skewers in water for 1 hour (this will stop them from splintering or burning when grilled).
Place one chicken thigh on a board. Slice across the grain approx. 2 cm wide and 10 cm long. Allow one piece per skewer.
Place slices in a bowl. Sprinkle with Ayam Satay Seasoning.  Combine well with gloves as turmeric stains fingers. Marinate for 2 hours in refrigerator covered  with plastic wrap.
Thread the meat in and out onto the skewers, zigzag fasion.  Trim off any straggly bits with a pair of scissors.
For basting: add oil to a small bowl with coconut milk and soft brown sugar. Keep a pastry brush handy.
Heat a grill plate or frying pan.  Brush the grill lightly with some vegetable oil, then cook the skewers for 1-2 minutes on each side, brushing  with basting mixture.
When edges start to brown, remove, cool on a platter. Serve with cucumber and yellow rice for a festive look.

Note:  you can substitute beef for the chicken pieces: it should be sliced across the grain, approx. 2 cm wide and 10 cm long.

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