Spicy Salmon Breakfast Wrap

Spicy Salmon Breakfast Wrap

By 25 February, 2014

I discovered this very delicious wrap at Roseberry St Cafe in Balgowlah a few Sundays ago.  A friend of mine suggested we meet there for a late Sunday breakfast, and we were lucky to get a table as the place was really pumping. Tucked away in the street behind Harvey Normans, it's more like an inner-city caf than one you find out in the 'burbs - terrific freshly roasted coffee on site and a breakfast and lunch menu all day. This brekky wrap combines a bit of spice (jalapeno chillies) with luscious soft scrambled egg and smoked salmon - it's a winner. Owner Rowan Millar (formerly of Chaos, Neutral Bay) sure knows what he's doing.



Makes one wrap

Whisk the eggs with a dash of milk and pinch of sea salt. Heat a knob of butter in a frying pan and lightly scramble the eggs, adding the coarsely chopped Jalapenos at the end  (more or less to taste).
Lay the fresh tortilla flat on benchtop.
Top with 3-4 slices of smoked salmon, a handful of rocket, the avocado slices and slow roasted tomatoes, all in a neat strip in the middle of the tortilla.
Make sure the ingredients don’t cover the tortilla all the way to the edges at each end of the pile.
Carefully add the eggs to the other ingredients on the tortilla, fold ends in, then roll firmly.
The wrap can be toasted on a flat grill or in a flat sandwich press to crisp the tortilla or simply served fresh.
Cut wrap in half on an angle and place one half over the other for presentation.
Sprinkle with fresh loosely chopped chives. Yum.


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