Apples of Love for Valentine’s Day

A tiny village in Valencia, Spain, hosts a tomato festival, La Tomatina, each year at the height of summer.  Actually it sounds to me more like a tomato war than a celebration of the most popular fruit vegetable in the world. At the last festival 30,000 people from around the world descended on the small … Continue reading

Christmas with Baz and Trish

During the weeks leading up to Christmas in London, I was overwhelmed by the number of English celebrity chefs and cooks giving advice in the newspapers about how to prepare this year’s festive meal. The Times featured Mary Berry’s easy turkey with five ingredients, Bill Granger’s boned, rolled turkey breast and a whole turkey smothered in black truffle butter … Continue reading

Osteria Francescana: Everything Old is New Again

It would be easy to walk past the world’s Number 1 three Michelin star restaurant and not notice it’s there. Situated in a back lane of Modena, a small city in Emilia-Romagna in central-northern Italy, the only indication there’s a restaurant behind the front door are three polished brass plaques on a peach-coloured wall. It’s … Continue reading

Under The Giglio Sun

“Ciao!” came a voice from down the hill. A portly man in a bright red shirt with a shock of white hair emerged from behind a lemon tree. He made his way slowly through the vines towards a rustic hut (or ‘capanno’), followed by two dogs, both wagging their tails. “Ciao Francesco!” our guide called … Continue reading

La Prima Settimana (First Week)

It’s been unseasonably warm and sunny this past week, interspersed by a few days of rain. Only a few weeks ago, it was snowing in Bra, something the locals tell me is not uncommon at this time of the year. Suddenly the paddocks we pass in the bus on the way to UNISG are a … Continue reading
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