Meditation on Quinces

It had a cloak of ash-coloured down hovering over its smooth golden body, and when it lay naked in my hand, with nothing more than its daffodil-coloured shift, it made me think of her I cannot mention, and I feared the ardour of my breath would shrivel it in my fingers. Isn’t that Aphrodite’s apple? … Continue reading

Spring is in the air…

I went out in the Spring To gather the young herbs, So many petals were falling, Drifting in confused flight, That I lost my way. – Ki No Tsurayuki, One Hundred More Poems from the Japanese It’s time to lighten up.  Now that Spring has arrived, the days are lengthening, the sun is brighter and … Continue reading

Stoned on Fruit

Of all the stone fruits, the peach is the one I love most.  The others – nectarines, apricots, plums and cherries, come a close second, though, because I am a devoted fan of all stone fruits. I think they’re best eaten fresh. And, as I mention in The Cook’s Garden, they also make lovely gifts, … Continue reading

Do Mangoes like poetry?

In my latest book, The Cook’s Garden, there’s a poem by Richard Tipping which goes like this: mangoes are not cigarettes mangoes are fleshy sinful passionate fruits mangoes are hungry to be sucked mangoes are glad to be stuck in the teeth mangoes like slush & kissing mangoes are not cigarettes mangoes are idiosyncratic seasonal … Continue reading

Three Cheers for Community Spirit

It’s a cool windy morning when I pull into the Killcare General Store at Hardys Bay on the NSW Central Coast. Despite the grey skies, proprietor Garry Janes has a big smile on his face and greets me warmly.   The reason I’m visiting is because I noticed his thriving herb and vegetable boxes outside the … Continue reading