The Daily Burger

The Daily Burger

By 2 July, 2013

Burgers are making a big comeback in the Big Apple. According to Brad Farmerie, executive chef at Public and Saxon & Parole in Nolita, New York chefs are keen on capturing Americana and nostalgia. "Ten years ago, we were ignoring this kind of food," he says. Now we're embracing what we grew up on."  You'll find this one on the menu at The Daily Bar next door to Public restaurant in Nolita and at the new Market in Chelsea, opening later in the year.
"Our ¼ lb (125g) burger patty is a mix of all American, USDA Prime beef composed of a chuck/brisket blend, which is a mix of 70% chuck and 30% brisket (75/25 lean/fat ratio)," explains Brad. "We also sneak in a portion of wagyu which adds a nice, juicy flavor to the burger. Melted atop the patty is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheddar with a sharp flavor straight from McAdam’s Cheese Farm in upstate New York. "




Makes 8 beef patties

Mix the beef and salt together and form into ¼ lb (125g) patties, being sure not to over-work the beef. The patty is then smashed into a hot cast iron for ten seconds to ensure an even carmelization. Cook until medium, or desired temperature. Melt cheese on top of burger and serve on bun with leaf lettuce, a slice of tomato, and a pickle on the side. Don’t forget to add your favorite sauce. At The Daily, sauce choices include bone marrow béarnaise; bacon & onion jam; chilli ketchup; house-made mustard and blue cheese aioli.
Note: Potato rolls are popular in the U.S. "They have the perfect moisture content for a bun and absorb all the flavours of the patty and sauce," explains Brad. You could substitute a soft brioche-style bun (5cm -7.5cm diameter) or make your own.
To replicate Brad's burger, ask your butcher to mince the beef for you in the same ratio he suggests - or use a premium quality beef mince.


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