Vyssisno Glyko (Cherry Spoon Sweets)

Vyssisno Glyko (Cherry Spoon Sweets)

By 16 August, 2015

This recipe is from Dora Parisi's lovely book, Tastes of the Aegean.
Spoon sweets, made from many different types of fruit including figs and clementines, are very popular throughout Greece and are served with a long cold glass of water:  they are usually served as a welcome offering to guests and make a wonderful refreshment on blistering hot summer days.





Wash the cherries thoroughly and remove the stalks.  With a pair of tweezers, remove the stones, making sure the cherries remain whole.  Do this over a bowl so that you keep the juice that drips out as the stones are removed.
In a pan, bring the cherries, sugar and juice to the boil and simmer until a syrup is produced. Just before it's ready, add the citric acid and flavouring. Cook for a little longer, then remove from heat.
Pour into sterile jars and seal tightly.
The juice can be added to water to make a cherry drink, or spooned over yoghurt or ice cream.

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