Guava, Pomegranate and Chia Morning Puddings

“These little beauties are just the ticket if you’re avoiding grains or heavy muesli first thing”, says Samantha Gowing, head chef at Cabarita Ocean Retreat.

“A well appointed superfood, chia is from the annual herb family of mint (Salvia) and is action packed with complete protein, which means it has all of the nine essential amino acids in proper proportions including other non-essentials.
“In fact chia seeds have so much protein they have an amino acid score of 115% – the complete score is 100% – not too shabby eh?! So I’ve soaked them and pureed some awesome fresh guava – just picked by our man Johnny Cutts on his organic farm up the road in Duranbah – and then topped these pretty little puds with fresh pomegranate seeds which are just brimming with vitamin C.So do yourself a favour and chia up – you’ll be glad you did when you wrap your laughing gear around my latest superfood recipe!
Oh, if you don’t have any guava, just puree some berries, strawbs would be perfect!”

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