September 2022 School Holiday Kids Cooking Classes

My kids’ cooking classes aim to teach children to prepare a wholesome, nutritious meal which they love to eat and can reproduce easily at home.
I hold my classes in my home in a beautiful setting which spills out into the garden where the children and I have fun  looking at and identifying the various herbs and vegetable I grow.

In my classes we don’t attempt to do celebrity-chef restaurant-style food, though a couple of my students have done so well, they were in the finals for Junior MasterChef  a few years ago. The classes are a mix of demonstration and hands-on.

We cook savoury dishes kids love to eat and can cook at home themselves – and we also indulge in a few wicked things! Hygiene, nutrition – and loads of laughs – are all on the agenda.
The children eat the food we have prepared at the end of the class and can take home whatever is left over.
Cooking Classes are held at my home in Cammeray during NSW school holidays, and on weekends. The classes are aimed at children from the ages of 8-12 (with a year on either side), and class size is 6-8 children.
Please contact me to find out details.