Loukie’s Raspberry and Limoncello Semifreddo

Loukie’s Raspberry and Limoncello Semifreddo

By 22 October, 2017

The recipe for this lovely semifreddo is from Loukie Werle's cookbook The Valley. She explains that semifreddo literally means half frozen and tastes like ice cream, though doesn't require an ice cream machine to make. The cake tin is lined with plastic wrap which can be tricky, with the plastic sticking to itself, but is made much easier by doubling the layer of plastic wrap. 
"Simply spread a good length of the wrap on a surface, then place another length on top, adhering easily" she advises. "This double layer handles like a dream, and there's no chance of the semifreddo leaking."
It can be made up to a month in advance and kept in the freezer.

  • Prep Time : 8 minutes



Line a 8 x 22cm rectangular cake tin with a double layer of plastic wrap leaving generous excess wrap to hang over the edges. Set aside.
To make the semifreddo, coarsely mash the raspberries with 45g caster sugar in a bowl and set aside. Combine the cream with the remaining 45g sugar and the limoncello in a bowl and whisk to soft peaks. Beat sour cream in another bowl to soft peaks.  Fold cream and sour cream together. Lightly stir through the mashed raspberries.
Pour into the lined cake tin and level the top.  Place in the freezer without covering, until firm, then cover with plastic wrap and foil for up to one month. One hour before serving, remove from the freezer, remove the semifreddo with the wrapping from the tin and transfer to the fridge for 40 minutes to soften slightly.
To make the raspberries with limoncello, combine fruit in a bowl with the sugar and limoncello, toss gently and stand 20 minutes, so the juices and sugar make a little syrup. To serve, unwrap semifreddo.  Slice and serve with prepared fruit and maybe a small glass of limoncello.

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