Here’s a quick video showing my popular kids cooking classes

I recently picked up a couple recipe books from my local street library. Being a keen cook and gardener, I was delighted to see that they had both belonged to you! I was reminded of my enjoyment of your SMH columns and using your recipe books (Food Year and The Cook’s Garden – which was great when I had a very productive veggie garden). Many of my recipe books are currently in storage but I do have Food Year with me. I love its seasonality and cultural diversity.
– Liz Holden 23/10/23

Thank you Sheridan, the girls had a great time.
– Joyce Wu  13/7/23

Thank you very much for the great cooking party! Liz really had a good time and enjoyed every bit of it.

– Jeremy Brugmans 19/2/23

He had such a great time yesterday and we all appreciated a taste of the brownie he brought home!

Rachel Bedser 25/4/23

Can’t thank you enough darling friend – his dad is such a foodie that little Beau is busting with excitement. 

– Peach 19/1/23

Thank you Sheridan for your cooking class – both girls loved it. Annabelle gave me a blow by blow description of everything you cooked – they both had a friend coming for a sleepover tonight and were going to cook the chicken stir fry. Thanks again.

– Nicki 19/1/23

Hi Sheridan, Could I please book Billy and Olivia Parbery for Christmas cooking class on 21 December? They absolutely loved your class again, saying it was the best camp holiday experience they ever had!

– Leyla Parbery 15/11/22

 “I have just had a wonderful phone call from my granddaughter Annabelle about her cooking experience today. She said she and Mackenzie had a great time and really enjoyed the cooking class. Thank you for all your help and assistance with this experience. Great memories are sometimes the best present.” Take care,

– Margaret Balding. 6/10/22

 Thank you for today’s class! All three children thoroughly enjoyed your cooking class.Ryan is keen to cook for us Thai chicken stir fry this Sunday. –Melissa Chung 4/10/20

“My children enjoyed the ENTIRE class, they thought the three hours flew by really quickly. They had a lot of fun cooking and especially eating the food! Thank you so much Sheridan for providing such a wonderful experience for my kids. I absolutely recommend Mini Chef Cooking Class!” – Alvina Foo, 15/7/19 

Thanks heaps, Sheridan, my girls had a great day – Kevin Swil, July 10,2019 

Thanks heaps, Sheridan, my girls had a great day – Kevin Swil, July 10,2019 

Thanks Sheridan ! Jakob and Kira had a great time cooking with you and told me everything they had learnt! Kira has already made your chicken noodle soup… setting it up all by herself yesterday and Jakob the pancakes. See you next time! – Nina Cruz 17/7/19

Thanks Sheridan. Hallie had a great time – Yucca (Hallie’s nanny) 11/7/2019

Thanks Sheridan. Hallie had a great time – Yucca (Hallie’s nanny) 11/7/2019

“Just wanted to formally say thank you again for allowing the kids to attend the program yesterday. They all talked about it all the way back to Blacktown and they had a great time.” Amy McKibbins Orientation & Mobility Specialist 11/7/18 Guide Dogs NSW/ACT