Thank you Sheridan and Dina. The girls had the best time and Asher absolutely loved it. 
Here are some pictures from the day.
Thank you once again for making Asher’s birthday so special – Emma 4/6/22

Ashley’s 11th birthday party cooking class 4/6/22

Thank you for today’s class! All three children thoroughly enjoyed your cooking class.Ryan is keen to cook for us Thai chicken stir fry this Sunday. –Melissa Chung 4/10/20

“My children enjoyed the ENTIRE class, they thought the three hours flew by really quickly. They had a lot of fun cooking and especially eating the food! Thank you so much Sheridan for providing such a wonderful experience for my kids. I absolutely recommend Mini Chef Cooking Class!” – Alvina Foo, 15/7/19

Thanks heaps, Sheridan, my girls had a great day – Kevin Swil, July 10,2019

Sophia and Bella Swil

Thanks Sheridan ! Jakob and Kira had a great time cooking with you and told me everything they had learnt! Kira has already made your chicken noodle soup… setting it up all by herself yesterday and Jakob the pancakes. See you next time! – Nina Cruz 17/7/19

Jakob and Kira Cruz

Thanks, Sheridan, they looked they loved it! Hope they were well-behaved! – Alexandra Elliott 17/7/19

Saskia Mold

Thanks Sheridan. Hallie had a great time – Yucca (Hallie’s nanny) 11/7/2019

Sheridan and Hallie


Thank you. Well we had part two tonight – Spagetti Bolognese. Delicious. – Nina Murray 27/4/19

Mia’s Spag Bol, inspired by the Italian Mini Chef class, which she made for her mother’s birthday the next day

Thank you for a great tiramisu recipe. This is Mia’s first attempt at your tiramisu recipe for a birthday celebration we had today. It tasted fabulous. Thank you.
Kind regards
Nina (and Mia!)

Mia’s Tiramisu which she made for her mother’s birthday, inspired by the Mini Chef Italian class

“Thank you so much for a brilliant day. Despite the heat all the girls learnt lots and had a fantastic time! Scarlett was very happy. The girls had a blast!” – Cristina 3/11/18

Scarlett’s Birthday party

“Just wanted to formally say thank you again for allowing the kids to attend the program yesterday. They all talked about it all the way back to Blacktown and they had a great time.”
Amy McKibbins
Orientation & Mobility Specialist 11/7/18
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

“Thank you Sheridan for a great morning with the girls. I heard about it through Belinda Duckworth. We’ll be back! I hope they cleaned up too! Not just the food ” – Sally Toepfer 27/9/17

13/1/18  “Sheridan my girls would love this. Are you doing any more classes?” – Sally Toepfer, referring to the Sushi class on the Mini Chef FB page.

Dear Sheridan,
I am writing to thank you for your wonderful support of the Wenona Spring Fair, which was held at Wenona on Saturday 14th September.
The day was an outstanding success with thousands of people enjoying a magnificent day…The people who witnessed your wonderful generosity were current parents of Wenona, past parents and future parents and their extended families, neighbours and staff.  Your cookery demonstration was very well received and it cannot have been easy to produce such delicious food under less than perfect conditions.Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your time and considerable skills…”

Dr Briony Scott, Prinicpal, Wenona School for Girls, North Sydney 25/10/13

“Everyone at Thornleigh West Public School and the P&C want to thank you so much for supporting us and helping to raise the funds for WIFI and the energy saving timers for the air conditioners within the school. We all had a really great day and everyone enjoyed themselves a lot. The Spring Fair ended up attracting 3,500 people, 1,000 more than last year. The wonderful weather that day helped us too.
With your help by donating to the schools Spring Fair – Silent Auction, we managed to raise $8775 towards the grand total for the day, which was $42,650 for the school.
We are over the moon with this result which means all of our hard work paid off, and without your support it would not have been possible, so again thank you.
We look forward to hopefully working with you again in the future.
Best wishes and kind regards,
Nicci Fishwick
Spring Fair co-ordinator 16/9/13

Teaching Peter Fitzsimmons how to make “coq au vin” for MasterChef – his son Jake attended a few of my Mini Chef classes

Hi Sheridan, I lost a fabulous cookbook which you had written( I think it was seasonal menus) in the black Saturday fires in Vic. What I really miss is your fruit compote recipe,I think it had star anise, am I able to have a copy of this recipe I think the book is long out of print.
Interestingly, it was cookbooks that women missed most having lost everything, I guess they are the tools of nurturing, and although it is nearly 5 years on I feel I’ve found an old friend.
Ros 7/11/13

Hi Sheridan,
Dear Sheridan, Eva & Fiona joined your cooking class during the last school holidays. They loved it!
They are looking forward to coming back, I’d like to book both of them to the October 2 class.
Thanks and kind regards,
Cecile  2/9/13

Hi Sheridan,

Everytime I “ bake” I think of you. So I have just taken a batch ( 24) of Anzac Biscuits out
of the oven. Yesterday I bought a packet of Almond Biscuits…$9 for about  10!!  So I decided
I had to make some cookies. First batch ever of Anzac’s!!  Easy and they look good and taste good.

Madelene 27/7/12

Hi Sheridan,

Website looks great –  Your kids cooking is inspirational – I adore your ladybird (cherry Tom, olive toast) creation!!!

Kind regards,
Penny 1/8/12

Hello Sheridan,

My daughter Lexi(10) & her cousin Maddie (14) attended one of your cooking classes on 13th April this year.We are still cooking potato & leek soup.
Looking foreward to hearing from you.

Mark 17/9/11

Madi Thank you card Oct 2011

Dear Sheridan,

The following is payment for your Mini Chef cooking books.  The children loved today.  They want me to make brownies with them now.  I personally have never made them.  I guess we will have to have them now.  Ante said they can be made in minutes!!!  They were very excited.
It was lovely to meet you.  This was my first time I have let the children do a course such as this one at someone’s home and am glad that we were able make it there, although I didn’t think we would get there for a while.
Thank you again,
Zdenka  26/9/11

Hi Sheridan,

Thanks so much. They are happy to do same menu. Please don’t go to any trouble. The girls just love coming to your house and cooking with you.
See you Friday 7th.
Thanks again.
Kind Regards,
Erika 26/9/11

Bella, Grace and Jamie at my kids cooking class

“That was the most beautiful day of my life:” – 8 year old Bella 13/1/2010

Dear Sheridan,

The Mini Chef Cookbook will be lovely – thank you. My 5 year old son loves helping with the cooking so will keep your classes in mind for a few years on.
Would you please let me know the value of the book (I just need to know for silent auction purposes).  Thanks you, your donation is greatly appreciated.

Evelyn Paterson
President, Parents’ Committee
Manly Community Preschools 8/7/11

Hi Sheridan,

Many thanks for mentioning Paddy the Baker on your radio piece on Tuesday. I loved the way you told the story. You must have a great following as I got more feed back from your piece then quite a big piece in the Daily Telegraph.
Give a call any time and I would be happy to contribute to your show I’m really trying to show there is more to Irish then the traditional stereotypes.

Happy St Patricks Day
Paddy 17/3/11

Tucking in to the Spag Bol we made in the class today

HI Sheridan,

Congrats on a gorgeous book that deserved a lovely review!

All the best,
Megan Blandford | Administrator & Reviewer
Kids Book Review  28/2/11

Good Morning Sheridan,
Just a quick note.  I saw and purchased my books (4 so far)  from Beppis Restaurant.
The children all love them and have been using them.
Just wanted to know if you have gift vouchers (or the like) to be able to purchase for Christmas gifts.
Hope that you do a book teaching them to cook gifts instead of spending money for celebrations- Christmas, Jewish New Year. Easter, Ramadan etc .( I must be PC when asking this) and Australia Day.
To me , as an older person there is no greater joy than to receive something made rather then purchased eg: coffee/vegemite  jars with pickled balsamic onions, chutney  etc. or shortbread or White Christmas, cello wrapped.
Your book is wonderful and I know that the kids really find the recipes easy to follow.

Thanks for all your hard work
Kindest regards
Bonnie 4/10/11


Did you bring the most unbelievable marshmallows.  If you did and if you made them, need recipe immediately.

Mx 17/12/11

Hi Sheridan,

Thank you for the cooking lesson before Christmas that both Jay and Kristian attended.  They enjoyed it tremendously.
Kelli  7/1/10

Hi Sheridan

Just wanted to thank you for a truly lovely party for Lucie today. The girls really enjoyed it!! Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of Mothers Day too.
Pauline 9/5/10

Dear Sheridan,

THANK YOU for your generous donation to Donnie’s Project Australia Trivia Night. Your lovely Mini Cooks book went in the silent auction with those beautiful gingerbread biscuits and shortbread.
It realised much more than its retail value.
The night was big success with over 200 guests and just on $7,000 raised.
Big thanks to you!
warm wishes,
Kate Maclurcan 10/11/10

Jamie, one of my Mini Chef students. picking rocket in the Kirribilli Community Garden

Jamie, one of my Mini Chef students, picking rocket in the Kirribilli Community Garden

Dear Sheridan,

“Can’t wait to start cooking with you again! I have tried out some of the recipes and my grandma bought my own cooking folder”.
Jamie Everett  (11 years old)  December 2009

“Thank you and Veronica once again for most successful party.”
Sam Owen 31/12/09

Hi Sheridan
My son, Daniel, attended your class this morning with his friend Jack.
They had a lovely time – thank you…A wonderful experience for them both and I hope they will visit again in the future…
thanking you
Donna Ferguson xxx 20/1/09

Brigitte's party

Brigitte’s birthday party June 2012

Dear Sheridan,

Thanks so much for today…..Brooke loved her party and so did all of her friends.
Have a great week!!

Kerry Thompson 23/5/09

Dear Sheridan

a friend of mine (a wonderful cook) showed me her favourite cookbook yesterday, which was The Cook’s Garden.  I would love to get my own copy and was wondering if you know if it is available in Australia?

thank you for your help.

Kind regards

Caroline Haigh, Hobart  5/4/09

Thanks Sheridan – for the parsley recipe.  The Fish Cake recipe was in the latest 2GB Monthly Newsletter, that I received by email from them.


Kaye Mallard2/4/09

Hi Sheridan
Just a follow up to our conversation this morning regrding this class. Izzy my grandaughter would absolutely love to attend with a friend if that is possible. Fingers crossed yu just might have room. Thank you so much for all your kindness. I will look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
Megan Letherbarrow 8/4/09

Hi Sheridan,
Many apologies for not emailing you before now to thank you for so kindly going to the trouble of sending the wonderful Tangelo Cake Recipe, it is just as delicious as we remembered it to be and was eaten in the blink of an eye. My daughter who is living in Chicago at the moment has sent me some of those amazing new Nordic Ware Bundt Pans so I used one in the shape a large Rose and it turned out so easily, the pans have come along way since the first batch made of cast aluminum that were inclined to stick….Next on the agenda is Cumquat and Cointreau Marmalade, our Cumquat trees are heavily laden with a huge crop this year and I’ll have to be quick to beat the possums who rather like Cumquats too.
Sorry I have prattled on a bit, thought you might be interested in what I’ve been cooking.
Sheridan,……. Once Again,
Many thanks,
Barb Whitehad 18/9/08

James with his mum at the Mini Chef class Jan 2013

Dear Sheridan,

just to let you know that my son Nicholas enjoyed today’s cooking class very much.

He is looking forward to the classes on 17 and 24 January.

Thank you,
Lina Safro 10/1/08

Hi Sheridan,
just a quick note to thank you again for Anna’s lovely cooking party last Saturday. She had a wonderful time, and many of her friends’ mums have told me that they really enjoyed it as well. You are very patient with all those trying little people, and very generous to let us invade and trash your kitchen, and also enjoy your beautiful garden. And the weather! What a lovely day Anna had!
Thank you very much.

Sue Matefly 15/8/07

I enjoy listening to you on 2CH on Wednesday mornings and have tried quite a few of your recipes, which my family all approve of and really enjoy trying something different.On the last segment you did on 2CH before you went on holidays you were telling Mardi about a new book containing information about growing and cooking with herbs by an Australian couple. As I was driving at the time I wasn’t able to write down the name of it but would like to purchase it for my daughter for her birthday as she is about to move into her first home and would like to grow her own fresh produce where possible. I would appreciate it if you could let me know what it is called when you return. I hope you enjoyed you holiday.

Kerry Usher 17/6/07

Please Sheridan ,

I was listening to you and your Dad I think it was last week;
You were talking of this wonderful fruit which I adore.
You gave a recipe as how to bake with a topping and Iwas wondering if You could pass it on to me.
Love to hear You and Your Dad talking.

Regards Moira 16/1/07

Mini Chef Kids cooking class

Mini Chef Kids cooking class

Good morning Sheridan,

I feel like giving you a great big hug this morning to say thank thank you, also because sitting here at my computer in my little office above the kitchen (have to start weighing out in a few minutes) it’s so cold this morning….

Questions, well, there are some unique Pudding questions (most of which I’m sure you know) and also I can only suggest things, you are much more experienced in these things than me, how about;

1.    Why do we call a “Plum pudding” a Plum pudding, when it contains no Plums ? Answer, it’s the method that this refers to, not the ingredients, ie: when the pudding is boiled in the cloth, the pudding fits “plum(b)” in the cloth. This is the generally accepted derivation of this word and concept. Also, if the pudding (which all ours are) is not boiled in the cloth, then technically, it’s not a (plum) pudding !

2    Origin of Plum puddings ? Answer, generally England in the Tudor times, when Roast meats and Pudding (including Beef Suet) were coooked together over the same open fireplace (with the meat juices dripping onto the pudding). This is potentially the origin of using Beef suet in puddings – of course today we use fresh butter.

3.    Name 2/3 countries where Traditional Plum puddings are a part of Christmas culture; Answer; United Kingdom(England), Australia, Canada.

4.    What is the Scottish name for a boled in the Cloth Christmas pudding ? Answer: Clootie Dumpling.

5.    Famous English Author that mentions Plum Pudding: Answer ;Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

6.    Name a song ? Answer Bing Crosby’s: “So bring us some figgy pudding”

7.    Why do we include Silver coins/tokens in puddings. Answer for prosperity/charity/gift. Silver was used because of its least reactivity to ingredients and cooking method.

That should give you some ideas, I apologise as I have been tapping these off the top of my head this morning, as my fingers warm up.

So, let me know what you would like and who to send to and thank you sincerely to you and Bob very very much.

Look forward to hearing more from you and also seeing you later in the year at Heritage Craft Fair St.Ives. I mentioned it to the organiser last Sunday and she was delighted, thrilled and looking forward also to December.

Kind regards,

Michael Puddings
Pudding Lane

Dear Ms Rogers

I live in Singapore and fell in love with your blueberry/macadamia picnic cake. When I asked my colleague who baked it, she said
the recipe was from your book, Sheridan Rogers’ Food Year. She also raved about other recipes in the same book.
I searched for it in the book stores and on Amazon but don’t seem to be able to locate it.
Please, please tell me how I can get my hands on a copy of your book?

Yours sincerely
June Green 11/10/06

Hi Sheridan
I just wanted to thank you for the cooking class last Friday. Nathalie,
Adam, Oliver and Liz really enjoy it – Adam particularly was really excited
and wanted to make everything you taught him all over again the next day.
Thanks again
Simone Strasser 17/4/05

Dear Sheridan,
Thank you so very much for your reply. I shall now put the recipe in a BOOK!!!
I am sure there is a programme out there for people who like me who can not resist reading, cutting out, then “putting in a safe place” recipes “I would like to try that one day”. Unfortunately when THE day comes – recipe can’t be found. I am a dreadful collector and my children laugh when they see the dates on the pages of some of the recipes…not older than me BUT they are pretty OLD…
I actually made Kimberley a lime syrup cake…the ‘kids’ all said it was great but I feel those syrup cakes are far better warm.
I own my sons friend a cake and as she is off to work in the UK your answer was well timed and I am off to try out the recipe.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer.
Best wishes,
Marjorie Manns 11/10/05

Hi Sheridan,
Congratulations on your lovely website, it is looking fantastic. Well done! Hope you’re well and happy.
Maureen Simpson

Heard you mention a lime cheesecake with gingernut base, you were going to put it on your site. We were looking forward to it. Have I missed it? If so i would appreciate it if you would kindly repeat it on your site or failing that e-mail it to me. I am having a luncheon on 31st August and thought it would just fit in nicely. Love your recepies and look forward to hearing you with Mike Carlton.
– Kerry Wills, 3/8/03

Mini Chef: Cooking with Kids eBook: making pizza for mum
Photo: Andrew Payne, Photographix

Dear Sheridan,

My mum is a keen listener to your segment and gets plenty of good ideas for
meals.   She also is a keen listener to your Dad’s show which she enjoys
very much (same vintage but she is a bit older).   Last year  I had promised
my mum that I would try and track down your Christmas cake and pudding and
didn’t get around to it and we had to settle for a David Jones pud and cake
which were okay but nothing startling.   She is starting to remind me about
last Christmas already (she is very organised) and I have promised her that
this year as her Christmas present that I would try and track down your cake
and pudding. (I think your Dad mentioned it on his show).

I wondered if you are making Christmas cakes and puddings this year and
where and when they will be available?

Many thanks and have a good Christmas.


Helen Brown 9/11/02

Hi there
I cannot remember if I told you your Xmas cake was a hit at my election party.  Served it with whipped cream.
Marita Blood 15/11/01

Dear Sheridan,
Long before I knew that Stephanie Alexander had published a very distinctive
& popular tome called “The Cook’s Companion”, my mother gave me a VERY handy
little book of your’s with the very same name!!

I had given my mum heaps in the past about the HUGE number of cookbooks that
she had managed to accumulate  but gave her particular grief about how
hard it was to remember which culinary success had come from which of these
books!!  As it does, these things are somewhat genetically passed on & I
have become at least as terrible as she is with both the number of books &
magazines I have collected (& love) and the drama of remembering which book
was hiding the right recipe!!  Mum managed to restrain herself in “pay-back
terms” and instead gave me a copy of this book which has since saved me on
numerous occasions, so well done on a great idea!!

Now my mother-in-law thinks that your book is also a terrific idea & has
asked for a copy for her birthday, but it doesn’t seem to be around in any
of the bookshops that I have been into, nor does it pop up anywhere on the
internet….  Do you have any idea where/how I might pick up a copy???

Thanks in advance for your help; I look forward to hearing from you!!

Kind regards,
Lauren Boyd  2/7/02

Thank you very much for the Chocolate Cake recipe I shall look forward to making it once
more and handing down the recipe to my children for them to enjoy.
Thank you for taking the time and effort in answering my request.
Lorraine Ross  4/7/02

Dear Sheridan,
Last year you gave the recipe  of the blood orange syrup cake on Mike Carlton’s show.  At the time  I was in the car and could not write it down and only after listening to you today, I was able to reach your websight.
I would appreciate if you still have the recipe, you could send it to me when you get home.
I love most of your recipes and glad to have found some of them.
Hoping to hear from you soon.  Many thanks
Judy Bloom  9/8/02

A big thank you for making available  gluten free cooking.
As you realize it just doesn’t work substituting the gluten free flours instead of ordinary flour.
But your recipes are just wonderful/
Thank you once again.

Colleen Carlson  25/8/02
Hi there Sheridan,

I really enjoy your segment on the Mike C.Show – very interesting and great recipes.
Please could you give me details of the little Rev and Chef – ? – or whatever it is called and where I
could get one/ I love new gadgets. Thanks and have a  good  weekend,
Carol Chaitowitz 28/10/02

Hi Sheridan,
I have just found your web page and am totally delighted. Thank you for your recipes and I have added your page to my favourites.
Would have a recipe for banana bread? Or could you possibly be able to recommend a cook book with this great bread.
thanks again.

Margaret Rivas 2/2/03

Thank you very much for the recipe I shall look forward to making it once
more and handing down the recipe to my children for them to enjoy.
Thank you for taking the time and effort in answering my request.
Lorraine Ross 4/7/02

Hallo Sheridan!

Sheridan – what a great OS You have given us in the world.
Australia is just great. I have never ever seen such a good OS. And all
newspapers all over the world – even so in old good Sweden – are just thrilled
about your good performance as a host for the OS.
And Sweden took four golds.

And I ended my show tonight with our group ABBA and the hitsong “The winner
takes it all” and then your big loveley laugh – it was just great.
So there you are Sheridan – representing the good smile of Australia.

I just say Oh la la and I can hear your most loveley laugh now…..I think it is the “greatest
high smile and most beautiful” I ever heard and I talked about You – no names – on
my show the other night when speaking about OS in Sydney and told all me listners
about a friend with an extraordinary warm and healthy smile. Good pr for Australisa – oh la

For my part I have just come home from North Dakota in USA, what a cowboyplace,
I was riding and worked as a cowhand in the beautiful places near the border to

But what a dream to come “down under! and experience all that I have seen on
Have you heard anything from our other Turkeyfriends?

Hope to hear from the most good smiling girl I ever have come across, Great

Take care down there!

Warm Regards

Sweden  1/10/2000