Black Sapote Plum Pudding

Black Sapote Plum Pudding

By 25 November, 2018

My sister Justy makes this fabulously rich plum pudding for the family Christmas table.  The black sapotes (aka chocolate pudding fruit) are from the orchard at Bend of the River.



Chop raisins and candied peel. Add sultanas, currants, sprinkle with brandy and leave overnight.
Next day, cream together the butter, sugar and citrus zest.   Beat in the eggs gradually, stir through black sapote puree, dried fruit and macadamias alternately with sifted dry ingredients. Stir through the orange flower water.
Place in a large, well-greased pudding basin lined with a circle of baking paper cut to fit base. Cover with another two circles of baking paper which have been folded with a pleat down the centre. Tie firmly with string (you can also cover with a pudding cloth which has been scalded, wrung out and floured, if preferred).
Steam in a large pan of boiling water, covered with a tight fitting lid, for 6 hours - the water should not come more than halfway up the basin. Top up with more boiling water as needed - don't let the pan boil dry. 
Remove pudding carefully from steamer. When cold, remove baking paper, pour over extra 1/2 cup of brandy, cover with fresh baking paper and tie securely with string. Set aside until Christmas day.

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