Mini Chef eBook

Mini Chef: Cooking with Kids eBook

So you’ve got a keen junior chef at home?  Or perhaps you want to give your kids a kick-start in the kitchen?

Need a hand? Mini Chef Zoe with one of her pastry cut outs

You’ll find all you need to know in my eBook,  Mini Chef: Cooking with Kids, which is choc full of tantalising recipes, ideas and tips to get the kids into the kitchen. It starts by introducing children to the basics, from peeling freshly picked garden vegies and roasting capsicum to separating eggs. Tips throughout signal steps which require an adult’s helping hand, plus gluten-free options.
From here the cooking world for children is their oyster as they can flip through the chapters from breakfast, snacks, salads and sides, main courses, desserts s and more! As a child there’s nothing more thrilling than making your own cupcakes while eating the batter our of the bowl, concocting recipes made entirely of chocolate or delighting your parents with a delicious meal which all the family can share.

Tacos with Chill con Carne

Tacos with Chill con Carne

With recipes such as Golden Roast Chicken with a side of Cauliflower Cheese and Lemon Delicious pudding for dessert, it’s a boon for parents looking to encourage their children’s creative cooking skills. Mini Chef  takes children’s curiousity to a new level, including presenting Mum and Dad with breakfast in bed for the very first time.

Buttermilk Pancakes Mini Chef eBook

Buttermilk Pancakes Mini Chef eBook

Available from & also from the iBooks store.

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8 Responses to Mini Chef eBook

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  3. Harriet

    I’ve just started using my iPad in the kitchen and must thank you, Sheridan, for making this book available as an e-book. I bought the hard copy a few years ago but I must say it’s getting a little tattered (and covered in ingredients!) so I am really happy that I can just use it as an e-book now. The photos seem much better and I like the new gluten-free options too. My kids are getting older and they love cooking from it. The Afghan biscuits remain our favourites. Thanks again.

  4. Sheridan

    Thank you Harriet – I hope you and your kids continue to enjoy the recipes in my new “Mini Chef” eBook.
    kind regards,

  5. Suzie

    My son and daughter have recently developed a love of cooking. We’ve been using the Mini-Chef e-book to cook a variety of healthy and fun recipes. My children love the photography and the instructions are very easy, making a tasty meal very achievable for my young brood. The only problem is who gets to lick the spoon when they make their favourite Anzac Paddle Pops!

  6. Sheridan

    HI Suzie – that’s good to hear. There are plenty of good healthy recipes through the book too.

  7. Niño

    Hi Sheridan- Thank you for sharing your page. Will visit it from time to time, it’s healthy recipes. Really love pizzas!!! Yey!

  8. Sheridan

    Thank you Nino – pleased you are enjoying it.

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