Dante’s Sensational Almond Milk Pancake

Dante’s Sensational Almond Milk Pancake

By 11 August, 2018

I tasted this sensational almond milk pancake at brunch last week at Dante NYC in Greenwich Village, New York. While Dante is better known for its award-winning Garibaldi and Negroni cocktails, their breakfast/brunch is also well worth checking out. Don't miss the sourdough flatbreads with their excellent thin crust. Toppings include pancetta, pomodoro, mozzarella, basil with soft poached egg; avocado, red onion, smoked salmon, tomato and herbs; and Verde, broccolini, feta, arugula and pine nuts. Or their Green bowl of quinoa, roasted squash, avocado,baby kale, toasted almond and soft poached egg


  • Prep Time : 15-20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 4-5 minutes
  • Yield : 8



Separate the eggs. Beat whites with 80g of the sugar in mixer until fluffy.
In a separate bowl, mix yolks, 80g sugar, milks, vanilla and ricotta together.
Add the sifted dry ingredients and mix well to combine.
Fold through the whisked egg whites.
The batter can be refrigerated at this stage until needed.
At Dante, a 6-inch (15cm) round skillet (or ovenproof pan) is used and the pancake is cooked in a moderate oven.
Heat the skillet, add a knob of butter.  When butter has melted, add pancake batter and cook about 4-5 mins, flip over to serve.
Serve with fresh berries, crème fraiche and maple syrup.

Disclaimer: my son Linden Pride and his partner, Nathalie Hudson, run Dante which makes me one very proud mum.




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