Easy New Year’s Eve Cocktail Fare

Easy New Year’s Eve Cocktail Fare

By 31 December, 2016

Sweet juicy watermelon contrasts with salty fetta and fresh mint in this refreshing summery canapé – an easy one to make for New Year's Eve entertaining. If you've run out of time, get the kids to help you!



Place watermelon wedge flat on a chopping board.  Cut off rind then cut flesh into 1.5cm cubes.
Cut the fetta into 1.5cm cubes.  Thread a fetta cube onto a cocktail or bamboo skewer, then a cube of watermelon.  Top each stick with a small mint leaf.  Makes 40 – 45.

Tip: if you drizzle a little rosewater over the watermelon cubes, it will add a fragrant new dimension.

Tapas Tomatoes: here's another quick idea to rustle up for NY Eve and one which you can vary in many ways eg. substitute low-fat cottage cheese for the ricotta and use rocket pesto instead of basil pesto. You can also fill the the tomatoes with an avocado or roasted red capsicum dip.
For ten people you'll need 20 ripe cherry tomatoes. Wash and dry the tomatoes. Take a very fine slice off the bottom (to ensure they sit flat) then slice a lid off the top.  Using a teaspoon, carefully scoop out seeds and membranes. Turn tomatoes upside down and leave to drain over paper towels.
For the filling: combine ½ cup low fat ricotta with ¼ cup home-made basil pesto. Check the seasoning and spoon mixture into the prepared tomatoes.  Insert a tiny basil leaf in the top of each one.






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