Lemonade Days

Lemonade Days

By 8 January, 2013

On sweltering hot summer days, what can be more thirst-quenching and refreshing than home-made lemonade? This one is from my Mini Chef: Cooking with Kids book.



Combine sugar, water and zest in a pan and simmer for five minutes until the sugar is dissolved and you have a light syrup.
Strain the lemon juice and stir into the syrup.  Cool and keep refrigerated.
Pour about a centimetre of the syrup into a  glass and add ice and water, to taste.

Note: substitute limes for the lemons, add lots of fresh mint leaves and puree in the blender for a delicious Lime-ade drink.
If you own a Thermomix, there's a terrific recipe in the accompanying book for homemade lemonade using whole lemons (skin, pulp and flesh), sugar, water and a tray of ice cubes.

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