Christmas 2020 Mini Chef Cooking Classes

What gift do you most treasure at Christmas?  For me, the most precious is the home-made present, the one which expresses something of the personality of the giver.  It doesn’t matter how wacky it is.  In fact, its very imperfection is  part of its charm and humour.
Some of my most treasured possessions are those made by my children when they were little and it’s their very wonkiness which appeals to me and remains a continuing source of delight.

Now that Christmas is getting close, one of the most welcome and simple of gifts is an edible one.  The giving and sharing of food is an age-old custom.  It may be a jar of jam or preserves, a box of shortbread or gingerbread or chocolate truffles, a small fruit cake or basket of fresh seasonal fruits such as cherries, apricots, peaches and mangoes.
Wrapped in cellophane or tissue paper and tied with a bow, such gifts are always appreciated.
Admittedly over the past decade there’s been a proliferation of food gifts available at Farmers’ Markets,  kitchen specialty shops and gourmet delis.
Tapenades, Moroccan preserved lemons, Thai curry pastes, marinated cheeses, fruits in liqueur, panforte, fudge sauces and lavender jelly are just a few which spring to mind.
While these are tempting, a home-made version will be even more welcome.
Its very lack of slickness and of the imprint of a commercial enterprise will be its apeal. 
What’s more, the rewards will be two way because the satisfaction you derive from making your own are immeasurable.
Christmas Class dates (December 9th, 11th, 18th, 21st & 23rd) & details are here.
January School Holiday Dates & details are here.



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