Thai-me Kangaroo Down Salad

Thai-me Kangaroo Down Salad

By 2 January, 2022

What’s on your Australia Day menu? Weird isn’t it, how we still shy away from using native Australian ingredients?
Here we live on a continent which offers up to 4,000 different varieties of edible bush foods, yet how many of them do we use in our cooking?
Instead of flinging beef and lamb on the barbie this Australia Day, try this zingy fresh salad which combines Thai flavours with delicious barbecued 'roo.

  • Prep Time : 15-20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 6 -8 minutes
  • Yield : 2



Prepare the marinade: combine the garlic, lime juice, fish sauce,  soy sauce and oil.
Place half the mixture in a shallow dish and add the kangaroo fillet or steak. Leave to marinate 30 minutes, turning occasionally (this step can be done ahead and left overnight in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap).
Prepare the dressing: in a separate bowl, add the chilli, sugar and kaffir lime leaf. Mix well to combine and set aside.
Pre-heat the BBQ, or use a char-grill pan.  Barbecue the kangaroo meat over medium high heat for 3-4 minutes each side (it is best served rare-medium rare).
Remove from the heat and keep in a warm place to rest for 5-10 minutes.
Arrange the salad leaves, herbs and salad ingredients on serving plates.
Thinly slice the 'roo and place over the salad.  Drizzle with the dressing.

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