The Best Summer Birthday Cake Ever

It’s been a long hot summer Down Under. In fact it’s been the hottest month of January ever recorded.
One night, a couple of weeks ago, was the warmest January night in Sydney ever (records for the city go back to 1858).
And right in the middle of the month one of my grand-daughters turned one. Her parents planned to hold an afternoon tea in her honour and asked if I could make the birthday cake.Noa's Aft Tea
The very thought of baking a cake in that heat caused me to break out in beads of perspiration.
A magazine (Real Food Kids ) with a watermelon cake on the cover caught my eye. 
It was covered with coconut frosting, studded with pomegranate seeds and topped with fresh raspberries and rockmelon “stars”. 
Watermelons were selling for $1/1Kg that week at my local greengrocer so I decided to give it a go.

Noa Grace's Watermelon Birthday Cake

Noa Grace’s Double Decker Watermelon Birthday Cake 

The only problem was that the recipe (2 cups coconut paste beaten with 2 cups coconut oil and some maple syrup) for the icing didn’t work (had it been tested by the author Jess Lomas?) and I ended up in a lather anyway.
After checking out a few sites on the web, I found another recipe for the coconut frosting which works perfectly and is easy to make.
Best of all, my little grand-daughter loved it.  She sucked on the wedges of chilled watermelon and smudged coconut frosting all over her face.
You’ll find the recipe here and some step-by-step photos below:

Round seeded watermelon weighing 3kg-4Kg

I found this beautiful sweet melon at my greengrocer, already cut in half. It weighed almost 4Kg.IMG_9483

Place the melon, flat side down, on a board and begin by cutting off the rind and white outer flesh around the sides. Try to keep cutting around it so that the shape resembles a cake.IMG_9485

When all the rind has been removed, level off the top so that it is flat.  Prick the melon all over with a bamboo skewer, pushing the skewer as far in as it will go. Sprinkle with 2-3 tablespoons rosewater – use a spoon to push any excess into the holes.IMG_9488

Pat the melon dry all over with paper towels (or leave it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to dry out). Spread the coconut frosting generously over top and sides of the cake.Frosted watermelon cake

Now all you need to do is press the toasted flaked almonds around the sides and decorate the top with summer fruits.


Watermelon Cake

E Voila!



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2 Responses to The Best Summer Birthday Cake Ever

  1. Elon Hawkins

    Hi, your cake look amazing. I made the recipe and the only thing that I would perhaps change is the amount of sugar – I found the cake too sweet for me especially with buttercream icing!
    Thank you for posting this recipe and giving an idea on how to decorate 🙂

  2. Sheridan

    Thanks for your feedback Elon, but I’m a bit confused as there’s just a little honey (or maple syrup) in the coconut frosting and no added sugar.

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