Hi Sheridan,

Many apologies for not emailing you before now to thank you for so kindly going to the trouble of sending the wonderful Tangelo Cake Recipe, it is just as delicious as we remembered it to be and was eaten in the blink of an eye. My daughter who is living in Chicago at the moment has sent me some of those amazing new Nordic Ware Bundt Pans so I used one in the shape a large Rose and it turned out so easily, the pans have come along way since the first batch made of cast aluminum that were inclined to stick….Next on the agenda is Cumquat and Cointreau Marmalade, our Cumquat trees are heavily laden with a huge crop this year and I’ll have to be quick to beat the possums who rather like Cumquats too.
Sorry I have prattled on a bit, thought you might be interested in what I’ve been cooking.
Sheridan,……. Once Again,

Many thanks,
Barb Whitehad 18/9/08