Good morning Sheridan,

I feel like giving you a great big hug this morning to say thank thank you, also because sitting here at my computer in my little office above the kitchen (have to start weighing out in a few minutes) it’s so cold this morning….
Questions, well, there are some unique Pudding questions (most of which I’m sure you know) and also I can only suggest things, you are much more experienced in these things than me, how about:

  1. Why do we call a “Plum pudding” a Plum pudding, when it contains no Plums ? Answer, it’s the method that this refers to, not the ingredients, ie: when the pudding is boiled in the cloth, the pudding fits “plum(b)” in the cloth. This is the generally accepted derivation of this word and concept. Also, if the pudding (which all ours are) is not boiled in the cloth, then technically, it’s not a (plum) pudding !
  2. Origin of Plum puddings ? Answer, generally England in the Tudor times, when Roast meats and Pudding (including Beef Suet) were coooked together over the same open fireplace (with the meat juices dripping onto the pudding). This is potentially the origin of using Beef suet in puddings – of course today we use fresh butter.
  3. Name 2/3 countries where Traditional Plum puddings are a part of Christmas culture; Answer; United Kingdom(England), Australia, Canada.
  4. What is the Scottish name for a boled in the Cloth Christmas pudding ? Answer: Clootie Dumpling.
  5. Famous English Author that mentions Plum Pudding: Answer ;Charles Dickens, Great Expectations
  6. Name a song ? Answer Bing Crosby’s: “So bring us some figgy pudding”
  7. Why do we include Silver coins/tokens in puddings. Answer for prosperity/charity/gift. Silver was used because of its least reactivity to ingredients and cooking method.

That should give you some ideas, I apologise as I have been tapping these off the top of my head this morning, as my fingers warm up.
So, let me know what you would like and who to send to and thank you sincerely to you and Bob very very much.
Look forward to hearing more from you and also seeing you later in the year at Heritage Craft Fair St.Ives. I mentioned it to the organiser last Sunday and she was delighted, thrilled and looking forward also to December.

Kind regards,
Michael Puddings
Pudding Lane