Dear Sheridan,

Long before I knew that Stephanie Alexander had published a very distinctive & popular tome called “The Cook’s Companion”, my mother gave me a VERY handy little book of your’s with the very same name!!

I had given my mum heaps in the past about the HUGE number of cookbooks that she had managed to accumulate & use, but gave her particular grief about how hard it was to remember which culinary success had come from which of these books!! As it does, these things are somewhat genetically passed on & I have become at least as terrible as she is with both the number of books & magazines I have collected (& love) and the drama of remembering which book was hiding the right recipe!! Mum managed to restrain herself in “pay-back terms” and instead gave me a copy of this book which has since saved me on numerous occasions, so well done on a great idea!!

Now my mother-in-law thinks that your book is also a terrific idea & has asked for a copy for her birthday, but it doesn’t seem to be around in any of the bookshops that I have been into, nor does it pop up anywhere on the internet…. Do you have any idea where/how I might pick up a copy???

Thanks in advance for your help & I look forward to hearing from you!!

Kind regards,
Lauren Boyd 2/7/02

The Cook's Cpompanion