Hallo Sheridan!

Sheridan – what a great OS You have given us in the world.
Australia is just great. I have never ever seen such a good OS. And all
newspapers all over the world – even so in old good Sweden – are just thrilled
about your good performance as a host for the OS.
And Sweden took four golds.

And I ended my show tonight with our group ABBA and the hitsong “The winner
takes it all” and then your big loveley laugh – it was just great.
So there you are Sheridan – representing the good smile of Australia.

I just say Oh la la and I can hear your most loveley laugh now…..I think it is the “greatest
high smile and most beautiful” I ever heard and I talked about You – no names – on
my show the other night when speaking about OS in Sydney and told all me listners
about a friend with an extraordinary warm and healthy smile. Good pr for Australisa – oh la

For my part I have just come home from North Dakota in USA, what a cowboyplace,
I was riding and worked as a cowhand in the beautiful places near the border to

But what a dream to come “down under! and experience all that I have seen on
Have you heard anything from our other Turkeyfriends?

Hope to hear from the most good smiling girl I ever have come across, Great

Take care down there!

Warm Regards

Sweden 1/10/2000