One Banana, Two Banana…

Here’s a curious fact: the banana is actually not a fruit at all, but really a giant broadleaf herb.Now grown throughout the world, it is believed to be one of the first plants gathered and cultivated by humans. Edible bananas originated in south-east Asia in the region stretching from New Guinea to India and were … Continue reading

Virtual Cocktails @Dante NYC

Want to learn how to make a classic Negroni from the owners of the Best Bar in the World? CBS Sunday Morning just featured my son, Linden Pride, and his partner Nathalie Hudson, both of whom run Dante NYC, doing just that in a segment on their show. One very proud mum.

The Cake-maker: National Reconciliation Week 2020

I felt like sobbing when I heard Aboriginal artist, Sandra Hill, speaking on the ABCRN Arts Show yesterday. This particular segment, where she is talking about her “Home-maker Series” (specifically “The Cake-maker”) brought tears to my eyes: “It’s a personal thing about an older white woman and a young girl making a cake. “An Aboriginal … Continue reading