Easter Feasts

Will it be chocolate Easter eggs for breakfast this Sunday? When my children were little, we would devise an egg hunt for them on Easter Sunday morning: brightly coloured red yellow, green and blue eggs (which had been boiled in coloured dyes) plus a variety of prettily wrapped chocolate ones. Guess which ones they ate … Continue reading

Orange FOOD’s 20th birthday

Dawn is breaking over the city of Orange in central NSW as I wake. From where I lie, a long streak of reddish-gold highlights the horizon, gradually spreading its golden hues into the valley below. We’re staying in one of the stunning new Cider Suites at the far end of Borrodell on the Mount’s heritage … Continue reading

A Six Senses Cooking Class

It’s a warm Thursday afternoon on the island of Con Son, the largest island in the Con Dao archipelago, 230km south-east of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. A strong on-shore breeze is blowing, an early precursor of the monsoons which usually arrive later in the year. It’s blown all the guests off the long white … Continue reading

An Ode to Lemon Myrtle

Have you tasted those delicious lemon myrtle macaroons in coffee shops around town? And I mean macaroons, not macarons, the trendy little sweet French ones which Adriano Zumbo has made so famous on MasterChef in Australia. If not, you’re missing out on a real treat. Moist, chewy, and infused with lemon myrtle syrup, they’re to … Continue reading

Flip-flop, it’s Pancake Day

What type of pancake will you be flipping today? A crepe, a flapjack, a buttermilk or basic American pancake, a blini (a Russian yeast-risen buckwheat pancake) – or maybe nockerl (a fluffy Austrian version) or pfannkucken (a puffed-up German pancake)? There’s a whole world of pancakes to choose from and what type of pancake you … Continue reading

A Little Slice of Italy

It’s 7 o’clock Saturday morning at Sydney Markets, Flemington, and Anna Furnari has just delivered 65 home-baked loaves of bread to Scala’s deli. They’re still warm as she brings them in from the car and carefully places them in a cloth-lined shopping trolley at the front of the shop. “My husband Sam has been baking … Continue reading

Watermelon Days

Summer and wedges of chilled watermelon go hand in hand. With its crisp texture, sweet flavour and watery consistency, it’s one of the great thirst-quenchers on a steaming hot day. Melons are members of the ‘Cucurbitaceae’ family and as such are usually classed as vegetables along with other cucurbits like cucumbers, squash and pumpkins. It’s … Continue reading
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