Flip-flop, it’s Pancake Day

What type of pancake will you be flipping today? A crepe, a flapjack, a buttermilk or basic American pancake, a blini (a Russian yeast-risen buckwheat pancake) – or maybe nockerl (a fluffy Austrian version) or pfannkucken (a puffed-up German pancake)? There’s a whole world of pancakes to choose from and what type of pancake you … Continue reading

A Little Slice of Italy

It’s 7 o’clock Saturday morning at Sydney Markets, Flemington, and Anna Furnari has just delivered 65 home-baked loaves of bread to Scala’s deli. They’re still warm as she brings them in from the car and carefully places them in a cloth-lined shopping trolley at the front of the shop. “My husband Sam has been baking … Continue reading

Watermelon Days

Summer and wedges of chilled watermelon go hand in hand. With its crisp texture, sweet flavour and watery consistency, it’s one of the great thirst-quenchers on a steaming hot day. Melons are members of the ‘Cucurbitaceae’ family and as such are usually classed as vegetables along with other cucurbits like cucumbers, squash and pumpkins. It’s … Continue reading

Ringing the Bells

Ever since Steve Manfredi took over as head chef a few years ago at Bells Restaurant, Killcare, on the NSW central coast, I’ve been itching to go there. We’d tried to find it on a couple of earlier trips, but somehow always ended up driving straight past (the signage is very discreet). This time we … Continue reading

Sweet Surrender

Jeremy Novello is busy cutting up a huge slab of colourful rocky road with a dough divider when I arrive. “There are mango, raspberry and blueberry marshmallows through it,” says Gena Karpf, owner of Sweetness the Patisserie in Epping, Sydney. “Don’t forget the love, chef,” says Jeremy. “Don’t forget the love.” From the moment I … Continue reading

Cordon True Bleu?

Australia Day is that one day of the year when everyone has an opinion about what it means to be Australian. I’m much more interested in what it means to eat Australian. For the first two centuries of white settlement in this country, we slavishly followed the customs of our “mother country”, Britain.  We imported … Continue reading
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